Our on-site goldsmiths have the time and ability to supply and set stones whenever needed. No matter how tough the job, or how large the stone, here at Hindley's, we can do it for you. 


Not only do we provide excellence in our jewelry repairs and customs, we also offer watch repair services and battery replacement for your treasured timepiece. Old or new, losing time or broken crystal, we can get it repaired for you.

Hindley's Jewelry

Servicing Retail Jewelers Since 1983

Before a piece is made, a wax model is carved using precise, jewelry specific 4-axis milling machines, paired with over 30 years of hand wax carving. This process helps to create highly detailed and accurate jewelry quickly and efficiently, making stone setting a breeze. Imagine pave' setting with pre-formed prongs. Your goldsmith will love this!

Once the design and wax models are approved, the piece is ready to cast. The wax model is secured to a "wax tree" along with other waxes and casted. After clean up and a few finishing touches, the piece is ready to have stones set by either yourself, or our on-site goldsmiths.

We are proud to offer the latest technology in CAD CAM jewelry design. Each piece of Jewelry is individually designed in computer software, helping to create a clear, accurate  preview of how your custom will turn out. Any changes to designs can now be made painlessly with just adjustment to the computer model. This experience offers endless possibilities.